Life Strategies: What to do if you’re a Club

8 of clubsAre you a club, or do you have a club as a planetary ruling card? I know that I do!

What does it feel like to be a club?

It can feel like you don’t ever know enough.

You always want to know MORE!

You might want to be seen as one of the intelligentsia, someone who went to the “right” school.

Or perhaps you’re a professional student. You just keep going to class, over and over again.

One of the things I can assure you is that you really do know enough to succeed, exactly where you are right now.

Be sure to keep smart friends around you to help you talk through your problems. For you, talking can help you think. Sometimes you talk so fast your brain can’t keep up! And neither can your audience. So, slow down!

If you are a semi-fixed card club, or a fixed card, like the 8 of clubs, or the Ace of clubs, it’s more difficult for you to make changes in your life or your thinking. Once you get fixated on a certain idea or certain way of life, no one can dissuade you.

Clubs and Work:

One of the things I could caution you against is:

Don’t assume that talking and doing are the same thing. They are really not. If you’re talking about something, it’s not enough. You actually have to follow through on what you talk about.

Clubs and Money:

Also, you’re probably not as focused on money as many people are. For you, it’s about learning new things, ideas, intellect, and good conversations. Money will come. But you have other things to think about.

A Club in Love:

You may also overthink your emotions in relationships, letting your head take over where your heart should be. You can’t THINK yourself into a good relationship. You can’t logic out that a person SHOULD be the person you’re dating, therefore you will date them. You can’t make your heart want something it doesn’t want.

And here’s a tip. We make all of our decisions with our hearts, as much as we’d like to admit logic has a say. It really is all about our intuition and our feelings. Once your heart knows what it wants, your head can come in with justifications and logical reasons why you want it.

Don’t confuse thinking with feeling.

And above all, love yourself for who you are.

You are amazingly bright. You are able to learn things quickly. You are truly a quick thinker, and your ideas are good.

If you want to break out of the mold a bit, have some diamond and spade friends, just to keep things in perspective for you. It’s nice to talk, and it’s nice to appreciate their perspectives on values and work too.

Famous clubs

Penelope Cruz 6 of clubs

John Cusack 2 of clubs

Daniel Day-Lewis 5 of clubs

Selena Gomez 6 of clubs

Ryan Gosling 8 of clubs

John Lennon King of clubs

Bill Murray 3 of clubs

Andy Samberg 8 of clubs

Justin Timberlake 9 of clubs

Robin Williams 7 of clubs

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