What is it like to be a Heart?

Queen of hearts

If you have been born in the later half of the year, you may have a heart as your birthcard. But you may also have a heart as your planetary ruling card. If you’re curious, because you’re a heart or you have a heart in your life, read on.

What does it mean to be a heart?


Hearts and relationships:

It can mean that you have a lot of trouble with relationships. Relationships are how you are here to learn. You may feel like you know everything about relationships, but you don’t. And life is here to show that to you.

If you have an issue with power, you may attract powerful people to you that you have to struggle with.

If you have an issue with not feeling respected in relationships, like a few 7 of hearts people I know, you will always be looking for ways people are not respecting you.

If you’re a 5 of hearts you may always be looking for the next relationship, or, you may have no relationships at all, and never be satisfied with anything.

If you’re a fixed card heart, aka the Jack of hearts, life changes can be hard for you. The Jack of hearts in particular may feel like they do too much caretaking for family or friends or relationship partners. I know one Jack of hearts that has taken care of her husband, her father, and her teacher. She is a very giving person, but it’s part of being the “christ card” as the Jack of hearts is known. They must make sacrifices for others.

The semi-fixed two of hearts changes places every year with the Ace of spades, swinging back and forth between the Mercury/Venus position in the life spread, and the Neptune/Venus position. This makes the two of hearts very dreamy and romantic, certainly the perfect lover, but this does not mean the perfect partner. It means they adore loving and being in love.


Hearts and Work:

Robert Lee Camp says that hearts are more likely to work with animals and children, because that is where they can have the most power. As a heart, I used to teach children in Korea. Now I work teaching adults and I like it a lot more. Children take such a lot of energy! They are lovely but not for me! So this is only partially true.

Hearts are less concerned with work and more concerned with harmony. If you see a typical heart, you might see them taking care of their family, cooking, cleaning, throwing parties, but not necessarily being concerned with moving up in the world and being a mover and shaker. For hearts, they love their families and want to prioritize them more than the world of work.

And who is to say that is wrong? For indeed, at the end of our lives, will we really say that we wish we worked more? Or that we loved more, cried more, saw another beautiful sunset with the ones we love?


Hearts and Money:

Certain diamonds can be frustrated with hearts and how they are not focused enough on money. For diamonds, money and values are how they are learning in this world. Hearts may seem blissfully carefree about money. So may clubs, for that matter. I certainly wouldn’t blame a diamond for wanting to break a plate over a simple heart’s head when they don’t know where the money for rent is going to come from.


Famous Hearts

Bjork (Queen of hearts)

Miley Cyrus (10 of hearts, Ace of hearts)

Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) (Queen of hearts)

Kate Middleton (King of Hearts)

Robert Pattinson (PRC 10 of hearts)

Edward Snowden (Jack of hearts)

St. Vincent (9 of hearts)

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