Personality Profile: The Ace of Spades

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The Ace of spades is the symbol for the entire Order of the Magi and the destiny cards system.

The card can be taken to mean the traditional death symbol, but it’s so much more than that. It can mean a desire for work, for spiritual knowledge or hidden mystical secrets.

Our current president is the 3 of diamonds, Ace of Spades, so it’s important for us to understand how this card acts, and why they act the way they do.

The 3 of diamonds is known to have an unfortunate life path, primarily because of their beliefs and values which hurt them. Their beliefs really get in the way of their happiness. Their values can be messed up. If we have learned one thing from this whole current experiment, having a lot of money and the most powerful position in the land does not make you happy. And the 3 of diamonds person is proof of this. Money will not make them happy but it may take them their whole life to learn this. His biographer has called this person a “black hole” in terms of compliments. If you give him a compliment, he will want 10 more immediately. It doesn’t register. That said, this is not necessarily how an Ace of Spades acts.

What is the mysterious Ace of Spades like as a person?

Aces can be like Aries, signifying the number one, and can be very selfish and into themselves. Aces symbolize desire. The Ace of hearts symbolizes a desire for love. The Ace of Clubs symbolizes a desire for knowledge. The Ace of Diamonds symbolizes a desire for money and derive self worth from how much money they make.

Spades rule all of the other suits. They signify work, lifestyle, health, and old age.

The Ace of Spades, sitting in the Mercury row, and Neptune column, has its own share of problems. The card is a male emblem, and signifies a desire for work. They derive such self worth from work that it can be hard for the Ace of Spades to go into their feelings. Why?

We know that their first karma card is the 7 of hearts. This is the card position that they take in the spiritual spread. When someone’s first karma card is a heart, it can mean that they have a hard time dealing with relationships or expressing their emotions. With the 7 of hearts as your first karma card, it can mean that you will be very aware of how someone treats you, and you will look constantly to make sure they are always respecting you. As the 7 of hearts has its own first karma card of the 8 of hearts, they want to have the emotional power associated with that card, and they are frustrated when they don’t.

The Ace of Spades second Karma card is the 2 of clubs. The second karma card acts more as a gift. This means that they can have a quick mind, and enjoy chatting with people about many interesting topics. Oddly, in my experience it can also give them a lack of awareness about themselves.

They sit in the Neptune column, which means they can sometimes act like a Pisces. They can be easily hurt. They can yearn for a more spiritual outlook on life. An Ace of Spades that knows a deeper spiritual side of their life with be a more satisfied Ace of Spades. But it’s so easy to go into working and just stay there that many do not discover their larger spiritual gifts.

I recently met an Ace of Spades who proudly told me that she worked all week, and then on the weekend worked some more, on her “passion projects” that didn’t necessarily make her any more money.

The Mercury card of the Ace of spades is ALSO the 7 of hearts. That means that they can be more connected with their feelings, and cry more easily, than other spades can.

The Venus card of the Ace of spades is the 7 of diamonds. Which means that when they attend to their work, they can indeed make money. Their mars card is the 5 of spades, which means that they can be passionate about travel and the changes that come with changing your lifestyle or changing your work.

The Jupiter card of the Ace of Spades is the Jack of hearts, which means they take great pleasure in giving selflessly of themselves. Despite the reputation of Aces for being self absorbed, truly giving to others brings them joy.

The Saturn card of the Ace of Spades is the 9 of clubs. This means that there will be some mental disappointments in their lives and concepts that they have to let go of.

I once knew an Ace of Spades woman in Austin Texas who was a social media rockstar. She even got featured in a magazine because of how many twitter followers she had. Then, a couple years later, she left all that behind, and never went on social media again. She said social media had ruined her life, and she preferred phonecalls from now on. She drastically changed her lifestyle and her work and was better for it.

The Uranus card of the Ace of Spades is the 9 of spades. This means that there will be some work and lifestyle changes that can be unexpected for them, that they will have to let go of. They might feel out of control of how much work comes in, and that can be frustrating for them.

The Neptune card of the Ace of Spades is the 2 of hearts. What does this mean? They can have fantasies and dreams about the perfect love relationship that can be impossible for anyone to ever live up to. They can be afraid to be alone for the rest of their lives, but at the same time they need alone time, as an Ace, and they don’t necessarily realize that about themselves.

Each of these planets also represents a 13 year period in the Ace of Spades person’s life. Therefore, the first part of their life, until age 13, may be dominated by their family and friends, as signified by the 7 of hearts, and then the second part, their teenage years to early twenties, may be dominated by the need to earn money and get out there in the world, as signified by the 7 of diamonds. The third part, age 26 to 39, may produce travel and changes in work and lifestyle and health, as signified by their mars card, the 5 of spades. The next stage in their life, the Jupiter period from age 39-51, can bring them a measure of joy derived from helping others, signified by the Jack of hearts card.

Are you an Ace of Spades, or do you know an Ace of spades? What do you think of this card portrait?

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