Relationships and the Cards: Daniel Day-Lewis and Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Adjani & Daniel Day-Lewis
Isabelle Adjani & Daniel Day-lewis

Isabelle Adjani and Daniel Day Lewis were together for six years, from 1989 to 1995. He abandoned her when she was pregnant, and in 1995 she had a child. What drew them together, and what split them apart?

Daniel Day Lewis was born 29 April 1957, making him a Taurus Rooster.

Isabelle Adjani was born 27 June 1955, making her a Cancer Goat.

Goats and Roosters are not known for their great compatibility, and neither are Tauruses and Cancers. Roosters are too abrasive for Goats. Goats are all sensuality and romance, and this can get on the Rooster’s nerves. They prefer a harsher existence, out in the elements.

What are their destiny card personalities?

Daniel Day-Lewis is a 5 of clubs, Ace of Spades. Daniel Day Lewis is known for being very choosy about his roles, and getting so into the method acting model that he buries himself into a part as to be almost totally unrecognizable from role to role. This is his 5 of clubs coming out. He loves to learn new things, and have different experiences. When Daniel Day Lewis becomes consumed by a role, it allows him to satisfy his craving for new experiences.

As the Ace of Spades, he loves to work, and he is not interested in relationships as much as most people. He is very into himself, which would be compounded by being a Rooster. Roosters are also very into themselves. You can see that he loves to work in that after winning the Oscar for his role portraying Lincoln in the recent biopic of the same name, he said he’s going to work on a farm for a few years. He’s always keeping busy, learning new skills. Very 5 of clubs.

Isabelle Adjani is a 3 of clubs, 5 of hearts. Her birth card, the 3 of clubs, means that she will have panic attacks she cannot be talked out of. It is also the writer’s card, a creative card, and she must always be creating in her life. This may be why she has chosen to star in over 30 films since 1970. The 3 of clubs loves to talk. Their first karma card, the King of Diamonds, means that she will be comfortable around powerful people. Her PRC is the 5 of hearts, which means she will often be restless in love, and seek many varied experiences. The 5s in general are known as the most unmarriageable cards, since they are here to have experiences.

What are their connections? What drew them together?

The first thing you must notice is that she is the 3 of clubs and he is the 5 of clubs. that means that even though they are far apart in the life spread, they have a lovely venus connection in the past life spread. Daniel Day-Lewis is Venus to Isabelle Adjani. That means she really loves him.

The second connection, which is very strong, is that Isabelle Adjani’s planetary ruling card, the 5 of hearts, is Daniel Day-Lewis’ first Karma card. That means that they are very similar, but Daniel Day-Lewis tends to act out negative aspects of this card, the 5 of hearts, which means he needs variety in love. When someone is your first karma card, you tend to be annoyed by them, because they seem to act out all of your worst traits. They remind you of what you don’t like in yourself. When a person is your second karma card, you will like them, because they remind you of all of the things you like about yourself, the things that come easily to you. Daniel Day-Lewis would have been annoyed by Isabelle Adjani, where she would have been enamored of him, and unable to see what she did that was so upsetting to him.

As the Ace of spades, Daniel Day-Lewis also has the 7 of hearts as his first karma card, which means there is a past life venus connection again between him and Isabelle Adjani, again from her to him. However, the 7 of hearts first karma card means that he is always looking for ways to be slighted, to feel like people do not respect him. He’s always on the lookout for ways people might be trying to manipulate him. This constant suspicion makes him very hard to live with, and it makes it hard for him to forgive people, or make compromises in love. This would make it difficult for him and Isabelle Adjani to be together, despite the other good connections that they have.

daniel day lewis rebecca miller
Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller

Daniel Day-Lewis is now with Rebecca Miller, a Virgo Dragon born September 15th, 1962. This means that she is a 9 of clubs, 9 of spades. This also makes her his Neptune card. If Daniel Day-Lewis could settle down with anyone, it would be her.

Because she is his fantasy, dream woman, and also, incidentally, a very strong person who will brook no nonsense, he can feel like she’s keeping him in line. Which is what he wanted, deep down, all along. A strong person to be with. Because she’s the 9 of clubs, this also means that in the past life spread, they have a Jupiter connection, flowing from him to her, which means he will want to give to her. This is a very good combination for marriage.

As the 9 of clubs, Ms. Miller will also be a very sexy person, and the Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts karma cards to boot. This will make her even more powerful. All of the connections are flowing from Daniel Day-Lewis towards Rebecca Miller, which means that instead of being chased, he learns what it means to chase someone else. As a Rooster, he likes a good challenge, and this works out well for their relationship.


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