Relationships and the Cards: Amber Heard and Tasya Van Ree

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Picture of Tasya Van Rees and Amber Heard taken by Tasya Van Ree, from

Amber Heard was born April 22nd, 1986, and Tasya Van Rees was born April 30th, 1976. Tasya Van Ree calls Amber Heard her muse, like Dante’s Beatrice.

Amber Heard was going out with Johnny Depp, which I reported on here, but now is rumored to be with Tasya Van Ree again.

What do the cards say about this couple?

Amber Heard is a Taurus Tiger, Birth Card Queen of Clubs and PRC 5 of clubs.

This 5 of clubs makes her in love with new experiences. She doesn’t want to settle down and lose her precious freedom. Because she’s the Queen of Clubs, she’s also known as “The Queen of Mean”, impatient and ready to snap at slow or stupid people. This combination of cards makes her unmarriageable.

Tasya Van Ree is a Taurus Dragon, Birth card 4 of Clubs and PRC Jack of Spades. This makes her very creative. It can also be a lot of creative energy for a woman to hold. A 4 of clubs makes her interested in creating a stable home. She will work hard to make stability for herself in her artistic career. As a Taurus Dragon, she has long-lasting love affairs, smouldering and passionate. Dragons get on with loads of people, and Tigers are no exception. This is a very sexy person!

Tasya Van Ree Amber Heard Girlfirend
Tasya Van Ree and Amber Heard

What are their connections?

Right away we can see a moon card connection between Tasya’s PRC, the 4 of clubs, and Amber Heard’s PRC, the 5 of clubs. This makes a lovely connection between the two of them, but there is so much more to delve into.

Tasya Van Ree’s first karma card, the 7 of clubs, is Venus to Amber Heard’s PRC, the 5 of clubs. This means that Amber Heard will truly love Tasya Van Ree.

This couple also has a karma card connection. Tasya Van Ree’s first karma card for her birth card, the 4 of clubs, is the 5 of clubs. This is Amber Heard’s PRC.

What does it mean when one person has the other as a karma card? Well, it can make them feel fated, or destined to be together. It can also lead to one person being frustrated by the other person. And the other person seeing that first person as a blessing. Your first karma card is a challenge for you. Your second karma card is what comes easily to you, a blessing.

So, for example, if you’re in a relationship with your first karma card, like Tasya Van Ree, you will be frustrated by Amber Heard, because Amber reminds you of all of your negative traits that you try to keep hidden. Your first karma card acts out your dark side. Whereas, because Amber Heard’s 2nd Karma card is naturally Tasya Van Ree, she likes Tasya, because she reminds her of all of the good parts of herself.

So your first karma card generally annoys the hell at of you, and you wonder, “Why am I with this person?” meanwhile the other person thinks, “What a lovely person I have found! This person is so fun to be around!” I’ve had relationships like this, and seen them play out in other people enough times to know that the person who is the second karma card generally has no idea they are driving the first person nuts. They don’t get what the big deal is.

It’s hard to tie anyone like Amber Heard down, because not only is she the 5 of clubs, her first karma card is the 5 of hearts.

However, if anyone could do it, you’d think that Tasya Van Ree could, because of all of these beneficial connections.

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